Deception Well by Linda Nagata

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Deception Well is a science fiction novel by Linda Nagata.

In this, the third book from this new master, Linda Nagata takes us to the far future and away from earth - paradoxically the characters in this book aren't quite as strange as the characters in her first two books (The Bohr Maker and Tech-Heaven). I still wouldn't call her an easy read - but a bit of the strangeness is gone. Maybe it's just because I've grow familiar to her style and the psychology of her characters. Don't get me wrong the characters and the writing of Deception Well are as strong as ever.

Deception Well is about a boy/young man - Lot - who is heir not only to the gift/curse of being charismatic, but also has to carry the burden of trying to live up to his father's legacy. You see, Lots father - the cult leader Jupiter - tried to take his followers to The Well, a planet that promised paradise according to Jupiter. But the only way to the Well is through the space elevator and to get to the space elevator you have to go through Silk - a city at the top of the elevator. The Silkens who thinks that the only thing the Well has to offer is death, fights Jupiter and his followers, trying to save them from what they see as suicide. Jupiter disappears and those of his followers, who aren't killed, are taken prisoners - Lot survives and grows up in Silk, thinking that his father is dead.

But, as they say, you can't keep a good thing down. As Lot gets older, he comes to information that tells him that his father may not be dead - he may be in the Well. Lot start on a quest to find out what really happened to his father and what the Well really is. Or maybe it's the other way around - what's really happening to Silk and the Well and what was/is his father really?

This is a great book - Nagata has really matured and I am looking forward to her next book with great expectations.

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Deception Well, a novel by Linda Nagata

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  • Deception Well
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  • Format reviewed: Paperback
  • Review date: March, 1999
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