Chosen of Khorne by Anthony Reynolds

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Back when I used to play Fantasy Battle Khorne was my favourite of the chaos horde, I had an army of bloodletters, fleshhounds and beastmen, all lead by a greater deamon. There is something primal about Khorne, the blood-red colours, the flames and the atypical looks that all speak of what a deamon "should" look like.

Fast forward to the 41st Millenia and the very same god of chaos is making those space marine's lives a living hell wherever possible. Deep within the Eye of Terror those who follow the blood god compete amongst themselves to win the right to crush their enemy and lead a new crusade against the hated Imperium in the great god's name. Argus Brond is the berserker champion of the World Eaters, chaos space marines and one of the first to turn against the Emperor during the Horus Heresy. They are amongst the most deadly close-combat warriors in the galaxy and as such this legendary warrior of a legendary legion should be able break the deadlock and secure victory with the help of his old friend Kharn should he not?

There is however a very good reason why Kharn is known as "The Betrayer".

Chosen of Khorne is the newest audio drama from those clever people over at Black Library, birthed from the pen of noted author Anthony Reynolds and given voice by veteran actor Seán Barrett. We are firmly anchored in the realms of the chaos marines complete with a blood rich and action packed story, larger than life characters and a energetic, visceral story that is amongst the most effective 40k action stories I've had the pleasure of encountering.

Barrett's deep and powerful voice is perfectly matched with Reynolds rich and dynamic prose which results in something quite, quite special. 70 minutes of non-stop action, blood-letting and carnage which is complemented by fitting sound effects and a strong supporting cast.

If you have any interest at all in Chaos you should like this, if you like Khorne or the World Eaters chaos marines you will absolutely love it.

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Chosen of Khorne, a novel by Anthony Reynolds

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