A Device of Death by Christopher Bulis

Doctor Who Series Fourth Doctor Series

a review by Antony, in the genre(s) science fiction . Book published by Virgin Books in February 1997.

In A Device of Death, the crew of the TARDIS have been scattered to different planets with Sarah marooned on a slave world where the only escape is death. Harry is in the middle of an interplanetary invasion and the Doctor is on a planet that is so secret it doesn't even have a name.

To complicate matters further the Doctor has lost his memory and at the heart of a star-spanning conspiracy lies an ancient quest: people have been making weapons since the dawn of time — but perhaps someone has finally discovered the ultimate device of death.

Written by Antony, 11 September 2009.

A Device of Death - Doctor Who Series, a novel by Christopher Bulis

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  • Publisher: Virgin Books
  • ISBN:
  • Published: February 1997
  • Format reviewed: Hardback
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